Crimean Tatar stars to give charity concert

Our fellow citizens need help. A 22-year-old Ernest Ablaev, a car crash victim, needs two immediate operation, while a father of four Ilyas Toki with "leukemia" diagnose is undergoing treatment in Moscow clinic.

18 January 2016 17:38

In Simferopol, January 28 the Crimean Tatar Academic Music and Drama Theatre is to host a charity concert at 07.00 p.m.

According to the representatives of the Crimean Tatar volunteer organization "Open Hearts", all the proceeds will be channeled for treatment of seriously ill compatriots.

The next artists are to perform at the concert: Asan Bilyalov, Afize Kasara, Elmira Nalbantova, Zera Kendzhikaeva, Reana Tarkova, Asan Khairetdinov, Seyran 7'62 ve Emdzhiel, Elnara Seydametova, "Gunesh" Zarema Khalitova and others.

The organizers guarantee positive emotions and good mood.

PHOTO: Internet