SIMFEROPOL/AQMESCIT (QHA) - Crimean Tatar route signs of historical names of villages that were set in a few villages near Aluşta are pulled down now.

There are 4 signs that were taken down. Two of them were put in Demirci village (Luchiste), others in Quru Özen (Solnechnohirsk)and Körbek (Izobilne) by Crimean Tatar international organization “Bizim Qirim” and Kureş National Wrestling Federation. It should be recalled historical placenames of villiges alongside their present-day names were settled on the signs.

 State Agency of highways of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) explained why the signs were pulled off. “The reason is the signs were set illegally”, - they say. According to their words, the chief Traffic Department of Crimea has sent a letter requiring pulling the signs off. 

The Chief Excusive of international organization “Bizim Qirim” Asan Egiz has commented these actions of Ukravtodor.

«Authorities do not have settled the problem of Crimean Tatar toponyms yet. Crimean community decided to put the signs in several Crimean settlements on their own to attract the attention of the government. It was a step to the dialog about the reestablishment of Crimean Tatar toponyms. Taking into account that these are historical names- there was not any impartial reason for Ukravtodor to put them off. They should inform us about their plans and be in contact with those who are responsible for that signs. That is not the way to settle the problem, we should realize the specificity of the question. We will not leave the problem unsettled – we will react», - he stated.