Crimean Tatar media representatives met on June 19 in Simferopol.

The event, organized by Mejlis Department for National Media Development, was attended by editors and journalist of Crimean mass media, among them Qirim, Yani Dunya, Hidayet and Avdet newspapers; Maarif Ishleri, Anatili Odzhalarina magazines; First Crimean Tatar ATR Chanel and QHA News Agency.

Journalist discussed issues of functioning of national media in Crimea, special focus was paid to financial issues.

“Crimean Tatar media, as well as all the media in Crimea, live in new social political conditions, so in addition to issues that they used to settle, there are new ones. For example, re-registration and taking the license to work in Crimea” – head of Mejlis Department for National Media Development Gayana Yuksel stressed.

“Moreover, the new legislation differs from the old one [Russian legislation differs from Ukrainian one,-ed.].In this regard, we need coordination, mutual assistance and experience exchange”- she added.

The necessity of creation professional association of Crimean Tatar journalists was also discussed at the meeting.

As Yuksel noted, Mejlis Department for National Media Development, to prepare a plan of measures to popularize national media in Crimea, adding the Mejlis ready to provide legal support if necessary.