Simferopol (QHA) -

A new account ‘matchmaking page’ (in Crimean Tatar- Qudalıq sayfesı) has appeared on Facebook recently. The author, so-called ‘matchmaker’ is remained unknown.

The page is oriented at Crimean Tatars and is functioning in Crimean Tatar language. It may be of use for those young women and men who are interested in getting married. All you need is to send the letter explaining your world view and preferences, and then the matchmaker will find you a proper candidate.

“The purpose is to help young women and men to find the significant other”,- emphasizes the matchmaker, -“there are plenty of young Crimean Tatars marring other nations, but my purpose is to let Crimean Tatar young men and women find each other”.

According to the matchmaker she is working confidentially and free of charge.

“There is neither name nor photo on my account, I don’t want to embarrass those I’ve helped if we meet in real life”, - she said.

She also noted she has already helped two pairs to find their “destiny”.