(QHA) -

Crimean Tatar flag will be put on historical cultural Devlet-Saray complex, founder of La Richesse museum Guliver Altin said this to QHA correspondent.

“We are now considering where to put the flag, considering the place where it would look good. It will be solemn event [putting the flag-ed.] with participation of authorities”- he said.

“Tamga (stamp) that is depictured on Crimean Tatar national flag took hold during Geray dynasty settlement on the territory of Devlet-Saray, 1450-1540”- he explained.

Altin also noted that the history of Crimean Tatar Flag will be included into excursion rout, along with the history of Crimean Tatar state, culture, science and education. The museum is now working on the theme of flags and bunchuks (a piece of horse or yak tail hair attached to the top of a pole). Materials of Turkish, Polish and Swedish museums are needed to draw a conclusion on the issue.

Note: Historical cultural Devlet-Saray complex is located in Bakhchisaray, among the sights of the complex there are Zincirli madrasa, one of the first institution of higher education in Europe and mausoleum of Mengli Giray Khan, where 18 members of the Geray’s family were buried.