Simferopol (QHA) - Moscow publishing house “Mardjani” is preparing a book of Crimean Tatar fairy tales. This is done in the framework of publication of the series of books “Tales of the Great Silk Road”. 10,000 copies will be published and distributed throughout CIS countries, said an honored artist of Ukraine, Crimean Tatar decorator Mamut Churlu in an exclusive interview to QHA. Series of books “Tales of the Great Silk Road” aims to teach children about history, language, national costumes, traditions and culture of different ethnic groups. Illustrations for each book are prepared by individual artists. According to Churlu, the Crimean Tatar collection of fairy tales is illustrated by Moscow’s professional artist Maryam Saderdinova. By now, she has already created most of the illustrations and is making final touches. Churlu himself is consulting her regarding peculiarities of Crimean Tatar traditions and decoration elements. “I was asked to provide consultations. This is a serious publication, which will be circulated on the territory of many countries and we had to make sure that there were no big errors and inconsistencies regarding our culture, costumes, landscapes etc.”, says Churlu. Besides, Churlu engaged studio “El-Cheber” of Rustem Skibin to design Crimean Tatar patterns and ornaments for decorating each page. Churlu notes that publication of Crimean Tatar fairy tales is an important event. Thus, people in different countries will be able to learn about Crimean Tatars. The book will be sold in retail stores as well as be available to order at online store of the publishing house “Mardjani” at