Once again a Crimean Tatar has been detained for "disloyal" attitude toward Russian occupying authorities in Crimea, Eskender Bariev, a coordinator of the Committee on the Protection of the Crimean Tatar people, reported on his FB page.

- Issa Khalil, from the village of Lohovka, Soviet district, was arrested for "disloyal" attitude toward the authorities. When he was standing in line for milk, some grannies standing nearby started accusing him and all Crimean Tatars of power blackout. Issa in civilized way explained the reason, but people did not like it and  complained to the Chairman of the Village Council, who called the police, says Bariev.

However, the reason for the Khalilov’s detention was so far-fetched that having signed a protocol of interrogation, Issa Khalil was released.