April 2, the Palace of Culture in the city of Simferopol will host a Crimean Tatar charity evening in order to help Crimean children improve their health and feel supported. The event is organized by the youth organizations MİLLET! VETAN! QIRIM !, Faydalı Aqşamlar and Hazine Milliy-Merkezi.

- In fact, we have many sick children among our people, and sometimes when we hold concerts for a particular child, we are afraid to offend others. So this time we’ve decided to hold it for a few children. Their names will be announced closer to the event, organizers reported.

The attendees will be given a variety of manual arts and crafts workshops on the Crimean Tatar embroidery, pottery, henna painting, ebru and making the Crimean Tatar Fez.

The visitors will also be able to see an exhibition by young artists Asan Emirsale and Erwin Seytasanov. At the end of the charity evening there will be a concert with the participation of well-known Crimean folk artists.

According to the organizers, the aim of such events is to unite the Crimean Tatar people and preserve its identity.

Photo: Internet