Upon entering Crimea, Crimean residents are made to fill out migration cards, reports a Crimean human rights watchdog on its Facebook page.

Russian border guards are reported to have introduced a new rule whereby bearers of Ukrainian passports are to fill out a migration card, even if they have Crimean registration.

“They also radio in another border guard who takes the bearer of a Ukrainian passport aside and asks him where he was in Ukraine and what he was doing there,” writes a resident of Crimea who faced this situation.

According to other Crimean residents, they were warned about the need to fill out a migration card if they cross the border with a Ukrainian passport.

According to the border guards, they ‘are under orders to let through everyone in strict accordance with Law 114-F3 “On entering and exiting the Russian Federation”.  

According to the Crimean watchdog, that way Russian border guards are forcing bearers of Ukrainian passports into accepting Russian citizenship.

“That way residents of Crimea are being forced into applying for Russian passports for a problem-free stay in Crimea. Otherwise they will only be allowed to stay in Crimea for 90 days,” write members of the watchdog.