Today, a group of pilgrims from Crimea has set off for Mount Arafat to perform a rite of standing, one of the most focal points of the Hajj. Mount Arafat is a place where the Almighty accepts the repentance and prayers of the sincere believers gathered there.

Among the thousands of Muslims on Arafat, there will also be 300 pilgrims from Crimea who will be making their dua’a (supplication), asking for their sins to be absolved and praying for their next of kin.

At the request of Emirali Ablayev, Crimean Muslims’ spiritual leader, Crimean pilgrims will also be offering prayers for peace and wellbeing in Crimea, as well as prosperity of the Crimean Tatars and other nations living there, reports the press service of the Crimean Muftiyat.