Being the tenth day of the month of Muharrem, this year’s Day of Ashure (derived from ‘ashara’ which stands for ‘ten’) falls on October 23. The month of Muharrem is one of the most revered and sacred months for Muslims, with its most important day being Ashure, says the press service of the Spiritual Administration of Crimean Muslims.

It is preferable to fast on the day of Ashure, as well as on a preceding and next day. According to one of hadises, fasting on Ashure help cleanse Muslims from the sins they committed in the preceding and following years. By giving the needy even small charity (sadak'ya), the faithful will get a reward as big as Uhud mountain.

On the day of Ashure they give charity, make children and family members happy, read Quran and do other things that please God.

On this day, God created Heavens, Earth, Arsha, Kursa, angels, first human being Adam. The end of the world is also due to happen on the day of Ashure.