SIMFEROPOL/AQMESCIT (QHA) - Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea has warned the Muslims about consumption of ‘halal’ sausages.
According to the Muftiyat press service, currently none of producers of ‘halal’ (i.e. acceptable by all Islamic food restrictions) did not get the quality certificate from the administration. Recently, a fragment of animal fell was found in one of ‘halal’ sausages.
The enterprise denied any possibility of ingress of fell or hair. At the same time, the producer refused to demonstrate the sausage shop.
The Muftiyat sent the sausage that a fell was found in to the Crimean Research Institute for forensic enquiry. Experts’ report says that two biologically sourced objects were found in this sausage, that are animal fell’s fragments, notably gray rat’s fell. Experts’ report can be found out on the Muftiyat’s web-page.
It would be reminded that in June the Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea called to not to consume the ‘halal’ products of ‘Evpatoriyskiye kolbasy’ enterprise, because it is produced on the same equipment with the pork production.