(QHA) -

A terrorist act in Paris, which cause another wave of Islamophobia, could have been prevented if French authorities had made some move to ban the media publish caricatures of religious objects of worship of any religion.

Crimean Mufti Emirali Ablayev said this commenting Charlie Hebdo’s first edition made after the attack on the magazine office in Paris, which killed 12 people. The magazine again published a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him].

“It is of great ignorance and meanness to abuse the Messenger of the Lord, to abuse His religion, His Book. It means they abuse a billion people who practice this religion. No one has a right for it”- Ablayev said.

“Unfortunately, the authorities of France didn’t pay proper attention to the incident and did not react to the caricature. If we speak about the democracy and freedom of speech we may criticize the president, anyone—Muslim or non-Muslim. Still no one has a right to abuse religion” - the Mufti said, adding that the biggest conflicts and wars begin because of religion.

Mufti also noted that all the monotheistic religions—Judaism, Christianity or Islam forbidd the killing.

Charlie Hebdo magazine’s newest issue features the prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] on its cover.