Messages on the walls of Yalta’s morgue say ‘Affordable funeral package at RUB 5500’ and suggest contacting a funeral parlor in Kurchatov Street.

According to the clients, things take a lot longer for them if they call a different funeral parlor because the parlor’s employee should arrive and take measurements of the deceased, as well as collect all the necessary information.

“When they were only beginning an autopsy at the morgue, we went to the address given to us by the morgue’s personnel. There, a ritual agent carrying a badge saying ‘Nadezhda Vladimirovna’ looked up all the essential information about the deceased in her register. The morgue’s personnel even took all the necessary measurements for the company,” said the relatives of one of the deceased.

This way relatives of the deceased have no way of choosing between different funeral parlors and continue to put up with the situation to avoid wasting time.