Students of Crimean State Medical University (CSMU), among them foreigners, protested against their institute joining federal university in Crimea, formed at the basis of the Taurida National University, a leading classical academic university based in the region.

The protest comes as Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev issued August 13 a directive about establishing a Crimean Federal University named after Vladimir Vernadsky, established on the basis of seven higher learning institutions and seven research organizations.

There is a deep concern among foreign students, who graduating from the Crimea State Medical University, used to receive a personal international IES certificate, that facilitated employment opportunities in any country. If the CSMU is included in Crimean Federal University, its international status will be lost.

Note: CSMU has been recognized as the leading higher medical school of Ukraine over the last 5 years according to the state licensed examination. International Educational Society (London) which certified the CSMU in 2006 and conferred the University AA category standing for “top institution that is internationally known and recognized”.