Simferopol (QHA) -

The second year in a row, Crimean Karaims are banned to hold their annual international camp of Karaims at Chufut-Kale. According to head of All-Ukrainian association of Crimean Karaims Vladimir Ormeli, this is connected to the change in the management of Bakchisaray historical and cultural reserve in 2011.

“The fact is that new management has negative attitude towards Karaims.  For 15 years we've been holding this camp annually, but for the second year they wouldn't let us do it”, stated Ormeli in his interview to QHA agency.

In turn, general director of Bakchisaray historical and cultural reserve Valeriy Naumenko said that it is not a negative attitude of the management but non-compliance of Karaims to certain provisions and rules.

“No one forbids the Karaims from holding their camp. But there are issues that need to be solved. First of all, the camp is to be conducted on the territory of a national monument. And for conducting a mass event, the territory should be prepared for it. In this case the All-Ukrainian association of Karaims should coordinate it with bodies of cultural heritage, sanitary and other departments. Unfortunately, the organizers don’t do it. Therefore, the commission on cultural heritage of the Crimean parliament doesn’t give approval for conducting the event”, said Naumenko.

Note: International camp of Karaims has been held annually for 15 years. However, in 2012 Crimean authorities and management of Bakchisaray historical and cultural reserve didn’t allow the event to be conducted. The purpose of such camp is to popularize culture, religious and other traditions of Crimean Karaims, as well as to organize joint work at the territory of the monument, including tidying up the territory of the cemetery Balta Tiymez and conducting sightseeing tours to Crimean locations.