Activists of Asker social formation seized a car owned by ex-MP of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Crimea Alexander Melnik in the evening on April 22.

"An hour ago, Asker social formation seized a car brand Bentley - number plate AA 000400, belonging to Alexander Melnik - at Kalanchak checkpoint (temporary border with Crimea). Crimeans know this person, posted on his Facebook page Lenur Islyamov, Coordinator of the civil blockade of Crimea.

According to the activist, the car with Russian proxy for driving was allowed pass through by Ukrainian border guards.

"Our Border Service let the car pass. A resident of Odessa was at the wheel of the car. As we know, Melnik actively supported Aksyonov in February-March 2014. He is one of those who "directed" the occupation of Crimea," said Islyamov, as cited by Obozrevatel.

Lenur Islyamov also published the photos of proxy for driving attested by Russian notary and passenger customs declaration on his Facebook page. 

Alexander Melnik is known to be one of the leaders of Salem organized crime group which committed dozens of murders. He took an active part in the occupation of Crimea and voted for Russia's annexation of Crimea and the so-called Crimean constitution. He ran for deputy to the "State Council" of Crimea, as well.

PHOTO: Internet and Facebook