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Crimea’s local Russian-language television channel Pervy Krymskiy has aired the first Russian-language film shot on the peninsula since its unification with Russia.

According to Russian state news agency Itar-Tass the film, called To Kiss a Stranger, is set in the period following Crimea’s ‘reunification’ with Russia in March 2014, and tells the story of a Russian soldier who falls for a Crimean government staffer on the run from “foreign secret services”.

The movie, which was produced by Russian company RosKrym Media, aired on last week, after a teaser for it had been circulating online the week before.

Russian-Crimea’s first film venture is centered on the two protagonists’ dramatic bid to prevent foreign agents from obtaining top secret documents which would allow them to sabotage Crimean transport and communication links.

The leading man’s predicament is summarised by the title sequence of the scillinating trailer, released a week before the film’s air date, which reads: “Arrive in Crimea. Meet a girl. Become a target. All in one crazy day.”

The film’s producers have insisted that To Kiss a Stranger is intended as entertainment and said it was made for less money than it would have cost to buy the rights to air a TV movie made by a Moscow studio.

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) who published a report recently condemning the deteriorating state of free speech in Crimea, and detailing raids on non-Russian language media outlets in Crimea since the annexation, said that Pervy Krimskiy channel is run by the local Russian authorities.