Although the "authorities" of occupied Crimea plan to implement import substitution on the peninsula, they do not deny the fact that their food manufacturers fail to provide food products for all the Crimean residents, reported "Crimean newspaper" citing Sergey Dodonov, "Director of the Crimean Federal University Academy of Life and Environmental Sciences", "MP of the State Council" in temporarily occupied Crimea.

- We can take to pieces what amount of food Crimea can and cannot produce. In short, our manufactures cannot cover the needs of all our residents. For example, we cannot provide ourselves with milk 100% today and in the future as well since Crimea does not have enough fodder for livestock. It is possible to cultivate fodder crops in the foothills, while it will be hard to do the same in the steppe, which is almost a semi-desert, said Dodonov.

Dodonov hopes that in the future the temporarily occupied peninsula will not only grow fruits and vegetables for own needs, but will also export them.

According to Dodonov, the cultivation of medicinal herbs and aromatic plants is another one promising sector of agribusiness.

The "MP" also claimed the Italian investors are interested in developing business in Crimea such as buffalo farming.

Photo: Internet