Crimean water basins has filled up with about 9 million cubic meters of water during Jan amid fall-out, State committee on water management and melioration of Crimea Igor Vayl announced.

The weather gladdens, still the fall-outs are not enough. We have received about 9 million cubic meters of water. Mostly, the water has filled up water basins of Ayansk, Izobilnoye, Partizany and Belogorsk. As we have supposed earlier, the water supplies would be enough till April.

In Nov 2014, authorities announced the situation with water supply Crimea and city of Sevastopol was critical.

Following Crimea’s annexation, Ukraine has halted water supplies to Crimea via North Crimean Canal, noting over UAH 1.7 million debt should be paid and new prices agreed.

The North Crimean Canal is the largest hydrological installation in Europe and delivers water from the Dnieper River to the Kherson region and Crimea. Nearly 85% of the sweet water in Crimea was delivered via this canal.