Under the Ukrainian law ‘On ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens and legal regime on the temporary occupied territories of Ukraine’, the residents of the annexed Crimea will not be able to qualify for the inheritance under the Russian documents, as Russian institutions’ activities and documents are illegal in Ukraine, SevNews reports.

Nevertheless, the lawyers claim that there is the possibility to get the inheritance rights if an heir can prove the death of his or her relative via Ukrainian court. For this purpose, the documents issued by the Crimea’s occupation authorities should be transferred to a court in the mainland Ukraine. The instance will not recognize the validity of these documents but can confirm the death of a person. After receiving the court’s decision, the heir will be able to process documents necessary to receive the estate of the deceased person.

The documents on accession to heirship shall be submitted during six months. But the state allocates 5 years to go through all the procedures and obtain the inherited property. If no actions will be carried out, the property devolves to the state.