Based on data obtained, the "RIA Rating" agency showed the level of quality of life in Russian regions, including Crimea occupied in 2014.

Moscow and St. Petersburg occupied the leading position in the ranking, while the Republic of Ingushetia and the Republic of Tyva took the last places. 

The top five on the list are as follows: 1. Moscow - 76.23%; 2. St. Petersburg - 75, 63%; 3. The Moscow Region - 67.58%; 4. The Republic of Tatarstan - 63, 89%; 5. Krasnodar Krai - 63.06%.

In the so-called ranking of Russian regions, Crimean peninsula entered the final top ten, gaining only 30.40%, which is amazing as the occupation authorities report "the coming season can be a major step toward building in Crimea a comfortable, safe and year-round resort for the whole country. " As a result, Crimea ranks 76th place among the places where the Russians would prefer to live and develop their business.

Photo: Internet