'Crimea’ public media center is located in the Warsaw suburb of Hotomuv, 17 km from the center of the Polish capital. It was opened at the initiative of the ‘Crimea’ Polish Foundation and support of the Globe company.

It his interview with a QHA correspondent, Riza Asan, the manager of the ‘Crimea’ Polish Foundation, told that the media center has three living rooms and office space. All conditions for the work are provided: two lines of high-speed Internet, the necessary equipment for studio work of TV and radio journalists, video cameras, cell phones and a car.

The urban transport is available at 150 meters from the newly opened media center.

Globe company, the sponsor of the media center, is involved in manufacturing tools for agriculture that increases crop yields without chemicals. Moreover, the company supplies polymers to the Polish market from Asia.

The main goal of the center is the fight against propaganda, regardless of its source, and promotion of objective journalism. The center is designed primarily for representatives of small media that cannot always send journalists abroad because of limited funds.

“We are ready to provide the assistance to journalists free of charge and ask only one thing in return - the truth, whatever it is,” said Asan Riza.

Just a reference: ‘Crimea’ Foundation has been working in Poland since 2014. During this time, the organization transferred 60 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukrainian orphanages, provided assistance in obtaining a higher education in Poland for 18 Ukrainians, and arranged a two-week recreation and improvement of health in Poland for 547 children from Ukraine.