(QHA) -

Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea together with Association for Culture and Mutual Assistance of Crimean Tatars of Turkey (Dernek) to give packages of food staff to Crimean Tatar needy families.

The packages that consist of 20 types of food are given out in Crimean mosques, annually in the beginning of holy month of Ramadan.

In addition to food packages, Turkey sends zakyat and fitr sadaqah to Crimea 4 years in a row. The money is given to sick children, orphans and needy families. 

Note: Zakyt is the practice of charitable giving by Muslims based on accumulated wealth, and is obligatory for all who are able to do so. The practice is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The amount of zakat to be paid on capital assets (e.g. money) is 2.5%

Fitr sadaqah is charity given to the poor at the end of the fasting in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The main purpose of fitr is to provide the poor with a means with which they can celebrate the festival of breaking the fast (Oraza Bayram) along with the rest of the Muslims.