The survey looked at 2016 respondents aged 18 across Ukraine, except Crimea and Donbas, reported a QHA correspondent.

- One cannot rely on public opinion solely as not all citizens understand the whole context of the Crimean issues. But a strategy on the return of Crimea should be consistent with the Ukrainians’ views. In general, they are optimistic about the return of Crimea. The vast majority of citizens believe that Crimea must be part of Ukraine, said Ruslan Kermach, an analyst of the "Democratic Initiative" Fund named after Ilka Kucheriv.

According to experts, the survey results suggest the reintegration is possible. However, 32% of Ukrainian citizens believe it is possible only in the long term while 39% say that the Crimean issue must be solved right now. 35% of the surveyed are pinning hopes on the successful reforms.

Photo: Internet