For the third time needy families of Crimea get humanitarian aid from Turkey.

The cargo of humanitarian aid, which weighs 3 tons 300 kg is provided under the contract signed by the representatives of the city of Samsun (Turkey) and the League of Crimean Tatar women in 2012.


According to vice-head of the League Emine Bekirova the aid includes copies of Koran, clothes and shoes along with 29 wheelchairs.

It is planned that humanitarian aid will be given to Saki town hospital of the "Red Cross" organization; copies of the Koran will be sent to the Committee of Muslims of Crimea, while the rest of the cargo will be distributed through the cells of the League of Crimean Tatar women all over Crimea.


“In October 2012, Turkish international charitable organization «KIZIL AY» - from Samsun sent the first shipment. With this shipment we have already passed radiological and sanitary tests and got customs clearance. We will distribute the aid soon, - said Emine Bekirova. As a charitable organization we annually get humanitarian aid and distribute it all over Crimea.”


“All those who appeal to us can get the aid. We have already received appeals, as there are a lot of needy families that have difficulties in preparing children to school”, - stressed Bekirova.