March, 20 the members of the organization and the authorized participants held a general Board meeting in the city of Eskisehir and hence adopted amendments to the Charter of the Fund, as well as elected a new Administrative Board of five members.

The new structure of the Administrative Board:

The Governing Body:

1. Umit Shilit

2. Kazım Kurt

3. Murat Akkaya

4. Erol Kurun

5. Emre Ayhyun

Alternate members of the Administrative Board:

1. Recep Shen

2. Ahmet Giray

3. Yücel Erol

4. Said Tarym

5. Hassan Kyrymer

Audit Committee:

1. Ishmael Oguzman

2. Hussein Sechkin

3. Abdulkadir Adar

Alternate members of the Audit Commission:

1. Besim Yuksel

2. Ferruh Aygun.