(QHA) -

Special actions, dedicated to holy month of Ramadan (Ramazan) to be conducted in Simferopol central Kebir-Jami mosque, during the Ramadan.

Press service of Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea said this to QHA correspondent.

Among the actions, there are Muqabele (recitation of the Quran), Tarawih namaz (extra prayers performed by Muslims at night in the Islamic month of Ramadan) and religious sermons.

Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey has sent Imam Abdullah Tekin to Crimea. The Imam will read one juz (one of thirty parts of equal length into which the Quran is divided) a day, so the reading of the Quran will be completed within the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims from all continents unite in a period of fasting and spiritual reflection. Each year, Muslims spend the ninth month of the Islamic calendar observing a community-wide fast. The annual fast of Ramadan is considered one of the five "pillars" of Islam.

Ramadan is a time to practice self-restraint; a time to cleanse the body and soul from impurities and re-focus one's self on the worship of God.