Yesterday, due to the accidents the cities of Feodosia, Chornomorske, Simferopol, Dzhankoy and Armenyansk have been cut off power, reported the press service of the Crimean government.

So, in the town of Chornomorske, 14 apartments were de-energized because of a power failure at Cooperativnaya St. In the city of Feodosia, the accident at the TA №142 partially cut off electricity to Druzhby St. and the Black Sea waterfront.

Reportedly, the power failure on the 10 kV transmission line left de-energized the districts of Lugovoe, neighborhood "Sun Valley" and partially Glinka St. in the city of Simferopol. In addition, because of damage to cable at Sverdlov St., 120 houses were cut off power in the city of Dzhankoy.

In the city of Armyansk, the power outage de-energized Gagarin St. and Prisivashskaya St.

Photo: Internet