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Undoubtedly, the main attribute of the New Year holiday is a New Year tree. Traditionally, it is a conifer or its artificial imitation made of plastic and metal. However, human imagination has no boundaries. This year our inspired fellow citizens have created several ‘nontraditional’ New Year trees to surprise Crimean residents. Here are some of them:

New Year Tree made of apple patties in Sudak

This New Year tree was made by chefs and students of culinary school in Sudak. The tree consists of 2014 patties with apple filling. It is two meters high..

Chocolate New Year Tree in Simferopol 

It took Simferopol confectioners 70 kg of Belgian dark chocolate and about two weeks of work to create this beauty. A metal frame makes the carcass of the figure; decorations on the tree are made of chocolate as well. The top of the tree is ornamented with a chocolate star.

 New Year Tree made of Champaign bottles in Noviy Svet

This Tree is constructed using 5990 empty Champaign bottles; it is 10 meters high. It is known that it took the creators two weeks to install a framework, fix the bottles on it and put in lighting on the tree.