The conditions the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Ilmi Umerov is being kept in may be regarded as tortures by the prison staff since they harm his health, reported a QHA correspondent citing the ASU Commissioner for Human Rights Michail Chaplyga as saying during a briefing on Tuesday, August 23.

- Yesterday, we were talking with Tatiana Moskalkova about Ilmi Umerov and his state of health. We stressed that Ilmi Umerov has diabetes. This means he needs a diet. The conditions he is being kept in don’t provide the right diet and we can also talk about tortures by prison staff. One can disagree with his political stance, but inappropriate demands on nutrition, treatment and conditions of residence can be regarded as tortures, Chaplyga said.

The human rights activist said that in the course of the talk Moskalkova was "humanly adequate".

As QHA reported earlier, Mark Feigin, a lawyer of Ilmi Umerov, said he is preparing an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights due to the tortures by the FSB investigation against Umerov.

Photo: Internet