After getting beat up by Mikhail Pyshta, Sputnik’s senior staff member, Dilyaver Emiramzayev, Sevastopol’s resident, has lodged a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office about rampant violations taking place at the facility.

When asked for comments, the Prosecutor’s Office spokesperson said the matter would be looked into by the Obolon branch of the Prosecutor’s Office in Kiev. Four complaints have already been lodged against Mikhail Pyshta, with three criminal cases having been initiated.

The incident took place at Sputnik recreational facility, considered to be communal property of the town of Puscha Voditsa, on Tuesday.

It is alleged that Dilyaver Emiramzayev got assaulted because he refused to pay his residential fee. However, the refugees claim they do not want to pay their fees because they get given some papers which bear no seals and therefore cannot be considered legally valid. The refugees suggest having an official agreement drawn up whereby they will know what services they will have to pay for.