Community of Crimea’s ancient peoples to be created in Crimea

1 August 2014 11:00
(QHA) -

Ethno-cultural community of Crimea’s ancient peoples, among them Crimean Tatars, Greeks of Trans-Azov region and Armenians of Don to be created in Crimea.

The community named “Tavris” is aimed at consolidation and cooperation between the peoples.

One of the founders of “Tavris” Eduard Chernov (Babay) in his interview to QHA said the peoples have much in common.

“Our peoples have much in common, in particular our national costumes, music, dance, cuisine, mentality, genealogy, geography and history. Even our last named are often similar. Unity will help to learn each other, learn our ancestors and traditions. It will brake stereotypes and mistakes regarding Crimea and its history”- he said.

It is planned to consolidate the intellectuals, among them researches, writers, and creative people.”Tavris” plans conducting scientific conferences and cultural events, to acquaint society with the culture of Crimean Tatars, Greeks of Trans-Azov region and Armenians of Don.

Chernov also noted, “the doors of Tavris are always opened for all comers, interested in Crimean history.