January 19-20, cloudy weather with clearings is expected in Kyiv region. January 19, Kyiv is to face moderate snow at night, sometimes a blizzard and light snow in the afternoon; January 20, significant rainfall is not expected, reports Weather Center.

The roads will be sleet. Wind north-west and west around 7-12 m / s gusting to 15-20 m / s January, 19. At night the temperature will fall to 10° below zero, at daytime 6-8 ° below zero.

Glaze ice and gusts of 15-20 m / s are forecast for January, 18.

The weather in Kyiv will be cloudy. Moderate snow and glaze ice are expected at daytime. North wind around 7-12 m / s with gusts 15-20 m / s in the afternoon. The night temperature will be 10-12 °, while the day 7-9 ° below zero.

Photo: Internet