A statement to this effect has been posted on the Ukrainian Embassy’s website.

“On January 6, 2016, Kate Irvin, Group Director of the Coca-Cola Washington, D.C. office came to the Embassy to express official apologies for the misunderstanding around the publication by the company’s Russian office of a map of Russia with the illegally occupied Crimea,” says the statement.

Ms. Irvin brought the letter to Ambassador of Ukraine H.E. Valeriy Chaly from Mr. Clyde C. Tuggle, Senior Vice President of The Coca-Cola Company with apologies for that publication.

According to statement, it has never been the company’s policy to engage in the affairs of state in any of countries it operates. The statement also says that the publication was prepared ‘by an outside agency without Coca-Cola’s knowledge or approval but it takes full responsibility for the result’.