Simferopol (QHA) - Refat Chubarov gave an interview after he’s been elected the new head of Mejlis. He shared with the press his plans at a new post: “There are several issues to address. First, it is the Crimean Tatar people and the state of Ukraine. We have returned to our homeland, but for over 22 years still don’t have clear legal perspectives enshrined in the Ukrainian legislature. We need to intensify dialogue with authorities, adopt appropriate laws… we need Kurultay-Mejlis and Crimean authorities to establish relations for the benefit of Crimea and all Crimean residents. In recent years we haven’t had such a dialogue. The attempts of some officials to ignore Mejlis and have occasional cooperation with some Crimean Tatars didn’t lead to success and didn’t improve the Crimean situation. Also, along with our leader Mustafa Jemilev we will work to conduct the International Crimean Tatar Forum. Another task is to strengthen internal connections among Crimean Tatars. We will try to reach dialogue with those, who position themselves as opposition to Mejlis. The idea of a Forum is supported within the Crimean Tatars, and I think the opposition will be ready for the first steps towards rapprochement of our positions. I am waiting for results of elections of a new composition of Mejlis. I have expectations that the deputy head will be one of new people…..I would like to see more professionals and more young people as new Mejlis members.”