Simferopol (QHA) -

During the special session of Parliament of Crimea, Refat Chubarov 1st cice-head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, MP of Crimea congratulated Crimean Muslims with oncoming Oraza Bayram holiday.

“Dear colleagues, today is the end the holy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims kept fasting. Let me congratulate all Crimean Muslims with the coming Oraza Bayram holiday and wish peace, harmony and prosperity. We’ll ask the Lord to give us prosperity”, claimed Chubarov.

“There is a decree of Crimean Parliament determining the first day of Oraza Bayram as official day off for all Crimean Muslims. This day should be a holiday for all people, like Easter and Christmas are, however, there is no such a decree of the Parliament yet”, - added Chubarov.

Note: Oraza Bayram is an Islamic holiday honoring the end of fasting month of Ramadan. On the eve of the holiday, charity (Sadaqat-ul-Fitr) is being given for the poor and needy. The holiday lasts three days during which Muslims wear their best clothes, visit friends and relatives, exchange gifts, prepare traditional dishes that are exchanged with neighbors.

This holiday of personal improvement inspires friendship, edification, kindness and compassion to the needy.