Elmira Ablylimova, Ahtem Chiygoz’s wife, published his appreciation letter on her Facebook page.

Dear Alina,

I appreciate your support. At different times, people of different nationalities have supported Crimean Tatars in the struggle for their rights. And that has been a powerful irritant for the powers that be. Especially now that they are doing all they can to suppress any dissident thinking for fear of commonsensical people. They are doing their utmost trying to keep under wraps the lawlessness happening in Crimea in order to prevent any information leaks. We are thankful to you and your friends for your support and courage. It is due to protests like this that people in Moscow get to know about the tragedy of Crimean Tatars.

Respectfully Yours,

Ahtem Chiygoz

March 1, 2016

It was reported earlier that Alina Yesipova staged a one-woman protest in downtown Moscow on February 28. She demanded that defendants in the February 26 case be released.