Crimean police are asking for help from the public to locate a man suspected of molesting a minor girl.

According to a police spokesperson, the man molested a minor girl outside a house in Simferopol on November 20, 2015.

Police initiated criminal proceedings against the man whom they charge with molesting minors as per sub-paragraph ‘B’ of Section 4 of Article 132 of the Russian Criminal Code.

The man is described as being 170-175 sm in height, dark-haired, having a dark complexion and wearing black-rimmed spectacles. He walks with a limp and was last seen wearing a black leather jacket and dark blue jeans looking like trousers.  

Anyone having any information about the man’s whereabouts is being asked to call: +7-978-909-11-11, (3562) 69-24-78 or 02.