Crimea remains under the control of Russian forces that continue their blockade of critical Ukrainian military sites.

About 200 Russian soldiers arrived on 14 trucks at the detached missile unit in Chornomorske at night at about 01.30,  head of the Ministry of Defense's media office Vladislav Seleznyov reported.

“Treating to storm the unit and use the weapons, Russian militants entered the territory of the unit. They disarmed all the soldiers and demanded to hand over all the Ukrainian weapons, putting it to the warehouse. Now, there are two Ukrainian officers who guard the warehouse. The rest of the stuff was demanded to leave the military camp.”- Seleznyov said.

Russian troops seized roads to the mainland, preventing Ukraine from sending troops and allowing Russian forces to move more freely.

Russian forces also arrived by ferry and helicopter across the Kerch Strait. They later took control of the ferry terminal and Ukraine’s main air base in Crimea. This prevents the Ukrainian military from flying in reinforcements and from using its MiG-29 fighter jets to intercept Russian aircraft.