(QHA) - Chernobyl is among the world's ten most polluted places. Together with Chernobyl the list also includes the Russian cities of Norilsk and Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region, reports Ukrinform. The list was presented by independent environmental organization Green Cross Switzerland in cooperation with the US-based Blacksmith Institute, according to BBC. "Apart from two Russian cities the list also includes Ukrainian Chernobyl, as well as cities, rivers and geographical areas in another six countries: Argentina, Bangladesh, Ghana, Indonesia and Nigeria," the statement reads. Green Cross Switzerland in its description said Chernobyl is internationally recognized as one of the worst nuclear disasters mankind has ever seen. “On April 26, 1986, safety tests in the Chernobyl power plant, 62 miles north of Kyiv, triggered a massive meltdown of the reactor's core. Around 150,000 square kilometers of land was affected in the accident. To this day, the 19-mile exclusion zone around the plant remains almost entirely uninhabited. Within seven months, the reactor was buried in a concrete casing designed to absorb radiation and contain the remaining fuel. However, the structure was only created as a temporary solution and designed to last no more than 20-30 years. A second casing is currently under construction. April 2013 marked the 27th anniversary of the meltdown,” the report said. According to the report, environmental pollution threatens the life and health of 200 million people on the planet. The paper found that the most dangerous sites are those where a large number of people are directly exposed to pollutants, which are transmitted through the air and food. The area of the Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima, the accident at which was attributed to the largest according to the International Nuclear Event Scale, is not included into the ten most polluted places on the planet.