AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - The prosecutor’s office has to initiate criminal case because of the report of correspondent of “Komsomolska Pravda in Ukraine” newspaper about the fact of divulgation of the secrecy of investigation in the Hayser Cemil's case, the press office of the Majlis informs.
The lawyer of Hayser Cemil Oleksandr Lesovoi is sure the article “Cemil’s son is moved to mental hospital in Kiev” in the newspaper “Komsomolska Pravda in Ukraine” of 03 July 2013 untitled is not trustworthy. 
The author of this article Serhii Hulenko refers to the member of the commissioners in lunacy who stated that doctors failed to determine Hayser Cemil’s sanity and therefore he should be re-examined in Kiev or the expertise should be extended.
“Under the legislation, prolongation of the term of the examination is permitted by an agreement of the expert commission and the court, but there is no such agreement, – stressed the lawyer. – Re-examination is legal only under judge’s decision, after investigator’s motion. But there are neither motion of the investigator, assize or judicial definition until now.”
Moreover, Mr. Lesovoi claimed the results of examination and expert report are the secrecy of investigation.
The lawyer has some doubt in fact that one of the experts has violated his duty and has given the journalist secret information.
Oleksandr Lesovoi reminded that under the 387th article of Criminal Code of Ukraine giving information about an investigation without the permission of the judge and investigator is a criminal violation. “Moreover, the experts are noticed about this fact”, - stressed Mr. Lesovoi.
«For this reason, I consider this information as a fiction like the one we have heard one month ago: there were three shoots and three wounds of the victim. Most likely someone needs these fictions.
In Mr. Lesovoi’s opinion, in order to find out the guilty expert the new criminal case msut be initiated.