(QHA) -

Cathedral mosque, that was opened in Korbek village, Alushta, was named Crimea’s most beautiful one.

The opening ceremony, that took place June 20, was attended by head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov, his deputies Ahtem Chiygoz and Ayder Adzhimambetov, Mejlis members Gayana Yuksel and Mustafa Maushev, representatives of Crimean NGOs and local residents.

The constructing of the mosque was financed by Turkish businessman, owner of “Ulker” company Murat Ulker, his grandfather was imam of local Devlet-haji Islam mosque before WW II.

He served as imam till 1933, and then left Crimea for Turkey. Before his death he asked his son Sabri Ulker to reconstruct the mosque in his native village, that was destroyed in forties. It was imam’s grandson, Murat, who managed to build the new mosque in the place of Devlet-haji Islam mosque.

After the opening ceremony, Muslims performed traditional Friday prayer.

The mosque is being built since 2013, local residents bought the land plot for their own funds.  

The two-stored mosque, built in modern Oriental style, accommodates 500 people. There are also rooms for classes, canteen and other rooms.