Ukrainian military intelligence continues recording cases when bodies of Russian soldiers killed in Syrian conflict are sent to Crimea. According to the Ukraine’s Central Intelligence, the command of the Russian Armed Forces is trying to hide the facts of the soldiers killed in the Middle East.

- November this year, the bodies of four flight officers and ten sea soldiers, who took part in the Syrian conflict, were delivered in the cities of Novofedorivka and Feodosia (the territory of temporarily Russia-occupied Crimea), according to the agency.

The Defense Ministry also reported the Russian surface action group to have put out to the Caspian Sea for possible strikes on targets in Syria, in particular a small rocket ship "Uglich", "Svijazhsk", "Great Ustyug" and "Buyan-M."

According to the intelligence, the warplane An-124 conducted a flight from the airfield "Chkalovsky" to the Russian air base in Syria "Hmeymim” to meet the needs of Russian forces in Syria.