All participants of the Crimean power blockade has gathered in the village of Chongar to discuss a night attempt to plug in one of the power grids, reported Alexei Bull, a press-secretary with the Right Sector:

"Now all blockade participants are holding an operational meeting in Chongar in a tent. "Right Sector", "Aydar Veterans" and Crimean blockade coordinator Lenur Islyamov are among participants."

According to Alexei Bull, the operational meeting was convened because of the night attempt to plug in the power grid leading to the "Titan"plant owned by a tycoon Firtash.

As QHA (Crimean News Agency) reported earlier, night Dec 7 the repairmen, who came together with the representatives of the Interior Ministry and Security Service, carried out efforts to plug in one of the power grids, leading to the Crimean plant "Titan". But three "Right Sector" operational groups thwarted their attempts.