November 22, 2015. Bakhchysarai was practically de-energized for twenty-four hours. The electricity was turned off in the night on November 22, 2015.

It was turned on only for 1 hour around 6.00 pm on Sunday. Then the electricity was cut off again, and locals used candles until approximately 11.00 pm.

The same situation is observed in other towns and villages of Crimea. The Crimean capital has also been de-energized today, except for some cases of short-term switching on.

Now Crimeans feel like in the 90’s, when regular blackouts were ‘the norm’. Students and pupils study by candlelight.

By the way, the price for a candle is ‘incredible’: RUB 30 - 50. Perhaps the agiotage will provoke even greater price rise for candles and matches.

It is worth mentioning that heating in many houses depends on electricity. Hence, the batteries in many houses are cold today, and water has to be heated.

Moreover, long-term power outages can leave the Crimeans without communication. Mobile phones are becoming flat.

The quality of communication has suffered greatly because of storm wind on the peninsular over the weekend. Strong winds causing large swing of power lines have been blowing in Crimea for two weeks.