Kyiv (QHA) - The Ukrainian government has approved a plan on the introduction of electronic passports and allocated UAH 793.3 million for its implementation until 2016, reports Ukrinform. A respective decision was taken at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on September 11, 2013, according to the information and analytical bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. "A single database - a demographic register - will be created in the country to implement this plan. The Ukrainian government allocated UAH 793.3 million for the comprehensive settlement of the issue," reads the statement. The new-generation passport will include a contactless chip with personal information. Foreign passports of a new model will be produced in the form of a booklet, with a contactless electronic medium to be placed in the right flyleaf of the document. In addition, biometric passports will contain two types of data: basic and additional. Basic data include detailed information about people - digitized photos, digitized signatures, surnames, and dates of birth. Additional data include fingerprints. Domestic passports will be drawn up at birth and will be subject to exchange every ten years. The terms of issuance remain unchanged - up to 30 days. The replacement of "old" passports with new, biometric passports will be voluntary. According to preliminary estimates, a new passport will cost UAH 350. It should be noted that according to the program on the simplification of the visa regime with the EU, Ukrainians will be able to cross the border without visas only if they have biometric documents.