SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Billboard, dedicated to Crimean Tatar writer, philologist and educator Abibulla Odabash was installed in Simferopol. Associate professor of Crimean Tatar and Turkish literature of the Crimean Industrial and Pedagogical University Tair Kerimov said this to QHA agency. According to him, billboards, dedicated to prominent Crimean Tatar public figures are set up in Simferopol in the framework of the project "Face of the Nation." The project is implemented with the support of Kocaali Crimean Tatar Dernek (Turkey). Kerimov informed that such billboards are set in Simferopol with the purpose of ‘reviving national identity of Crimean Tatars’. In the near future billboards dedicated to other Crimean Tatar prominent figures will be installed. To recall, in June this year billboards featuring Dzhafer Seydamet, Ismail Gasprinsky and Noman Chelebidzhihan were shown. Note: Abibulla Odabash is Crimean Tatar writer, philologist and educator. He was born in 1891 near Alushta (Crimea). He received higher education in Turkey. From 1917 till 1920 he published “Eshil ada” magazine; later on- “Bilgi” magazine. Odabash developed textbooks for Crimean Tatar schools, published articles, poems and stories and taught Crimean Tatar language and literature. In 1928, he was convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison. In 1937 his wife was informed about her husband’s death; time and place of death are not known to date.