Accused of an armed assault on hospital personnel, Bekir Nebiyev, 55, was buried in the city of Simferopol on November 20.

The 55-year old was buried at a cemetery in the village of Chistenkoye of the Simferopolsky district. The funeral ritual (jenaze) was performed at the deceased’s home in the neighborhood of Fontany.

Only next of kin of the deceased were present at Bekiyev’s funeral.

According to Bekiyev’s relatives, they have not yet looked into the medical examiner’s report whereby Bekiyev took his own life.

It was reported earlier that two people were killed and two more gravely wounded following an armed assault on a hospital in Simferopol on September 26.  The suspect, a 55-year old resident of Simferopol named Bekir Nebiyev, was found dead in a wooded area outside Simferopol on October 10. There was a shotgun lying next to Nebiyev’s body, which caused forensic experts to conclude that his death came as a result of suicide.