As it became known on March 5, 2016, the "State Committee on Nationalities and Deported Citizens of the Republic of Crimea" gathered women for a forum under the pretext of congratulation the Crimean Tatars mothers of many children on the International Women's Day at the Crimean Tatar Theater.

However, many women who came to see the play in their native language, were surprised by the fact of their registration and issuance of an unknown document entitled "The Resolution of the Crimean Tatar Mothers Forum."

"The women were outraged by those circumstances, as well as by the content of the document, and left the event. Such insinuations being carried out by special services of the USSR are well known to the Crimean Tatar national movement. This case shows that the "informers" in the guise of registration, fraudulently tried to collect signatures of the Crimean Tatar women to the document against their countrymen," Eskender Bariev wrote on his Facebook page.

Photo: Facebook